Tennis Report 2008

The tennis coach, Dico had a very busy and positive year. He  commented that their pupils have been improving quite substantially and some sons of members (federated by the club) participated in an official Federation tournament for under 10 year olds whilst a few others have been participating in different tournaments for under 10 & 12 year olds.

In 2007 the OC&LTC became a member of the Associação Ténis do Porto (The Official Tennis Association of Porto). It allows the Club to federate all players who want to be more involved in tennis and, importantly, it also gives players an insurance cover for any casualties that may occur during the course of the game. As a member of the Association the Club is also entitled to organize Official Tournaments.

The Club this year organized an official Federation tournament in which more than 30 players participated. In terms of the tournament itself it was a success and we were all very happy with the initiative even though we felt that more organizational effort was required by the Club as the event has to be an Open Day for all. Therefore, we have decided not to organize one in 2009 but will definitely work on organising one or two official tournaments to take place in 2010.

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